Audi AI:TRAIL quattro – Electric Off-Roader

The Audi AI:TRAIL quattro combines the capacity for automated driving with superb off-road capabilities. The glass surrounding the cabin extends all the way to ground level, providing unrivaled all-round visibility. The ample battery capacity ensures sufficient range even away from dense networks of charging stations.

The performance specifications for the Audi AI:TRAIL are markedly different from those for conventional automobiles. That is because the car’s development was not about achieving remarkably quick acceleration or hitting breathtaking speeds on the autobahn.

Given that the AI:TRAIL is intended for use in areas without charging infrastructure, the thing that really draws the attention is its range. The stated target with its lithium-ion battery is 400 to 500 kilometers (248.5 to 310.7 mi) on roads or easy off-road terrain (in line with the WLTP). On rough ground, where the almost constantly elevated wheel slip alone means that energy consumption is higher, the limit is still an impressive 250 kilometers (155.3 mi).

In order to meet these requirements, the vehicle is designed to reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h (80.8 mph) on the road. The vehicle electronics continuously monitor the energy flow and consumption, thereby ensuring maximum economy even during off-road driving.

In terms of drive hardware, the Audi AI:TRAIL is equipped with four electric motors installed near the wheels, each of which propels one wheel directly. As is typical for Audi, the off-roader is therefore a true quattro. The maximum system output is 320 kW and the maximum torque is 737.6 lb-ft (1,000 Nm). Usually only a fraction of this power is mobilized; the drive of just one axle is often sufficient.

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